***Welcome to our Online Catalog and Online Ordering Site!***

Please follow these steps to create a new order (or click the “How To Place An Order” tab on this page):

Helpful Tip- When placing “New Order” use Ctrl F to quickly search for items.

  1. Select “Login” and insert your username and password.
  2. Select "Place New Order" then select “New Order” to start a new order.        
  3. If you previously used order templates you can select your previous Order Template from the “My Order Forms” Tab (under the “Place New Order” Tab).
  4. The items you commonly order are listed down the page.  You can search the items by category/item/quantity/last sale date by selecting from the drop down box.
  5. Enter the quantity of each item you would like to purchase.
  6. Select the "Add to Cart" button when ready to checkout.  

    a. If you make additional changes, please click the “Update” button. (You can add new items from the search box in the top left-hand corner or drill down on categories from the left-hand side).

    b. If you want to add items you have previously purchased, go back to the “New Order” selection under the “Place New Order” tab and select items to add to your cart. Remember to select “Add to Cart”.)

  7. Review Cart.
  8. Select “Checkout”.
  9. Complete the Requested Ship Date, P.O., and special instructions if applicable.
  10. Click on “List” and select “Ship-To” address if applicable.
  11. Finish the order by selecting "Place Order".
  12. If the order needs to be saved for further review, select "Save Order" and the order can be placed at a later time.

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